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I’m “Horse’s Mouth,” and I’ll be your host. We’ll be exploring everything horse and pony . We’ll touch on all disciplines, all breeds and every aspect of horse life, both at the barn and away. Because the equestrian community is growing and changing, online and off, at an almost astronomical pace! We’ll keep you up on the latest news. And, we’re interested in feedback from everyone; from horse owners to people who want the insider’s take on this amazingly fun lifestyle.

First, I want to introduce you to the different sections.

Nip/Buck will touch on the horse show world. Everything from breaking show results, the hippest horse show award ceremonies, parties etc., to the hottest stores, restaurants, clubs and events where horse people go, for barn, work and play.

Barn Buzz will cover everything from all the latest horse related products to all the hottest fashions, doings, etc. Whether it’s the hottest new bridle or the looks for when you’re out and about, we’ll bring it to you from the horse world’s point of view.

Our Medical & Nutrition section will help us help you to stay up to date on some of the newest innovations available to help keep your horse fit, happy and healthy.

Events will, of course, focus on horseshows, horse racing, special events, conventions, etc. Keeping you in the know!

Fun Horse Videos, well, do we really need to say anything more?

Last, but not least, we’ll be highlighting a Pony Of The Month, because, you can never see too many cute and beautiful ponies.

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