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World’s Smartest Horse To Attempt Guinness Record

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I know you think I’m blowing my own horn, but, nope,  The World’s Smartest Horse according to Yahoo, Google and The World Records Academy is . . . Lukas! And, Lukas has been invited to attempt a Guinness World Record:   “To Identify The Most Numbers In One Minute.”  Now, to date, no horse has tried or been considered capable of such a feat.  Karen Murdock, Lukas’ owner/trainer, believes her beloved  seventeen year old ex-racer/rescue is ready:  “He’s able to identify between fifteen to twenty numbers now within a minute – except for one glitch.”  But wait, where does After The Finish Line come in?

Dawn Mellen, President of After the Finish Line ( founded the organization to honor and provide a voice for Thoroughbred horses ensuring their welfare when their racing careers are over.  “The greatest victory for a Thoroughbred is not winning a race,

Lukas gets in some extra practice for the big day.

but winning the race to live long past their days on the racetrack,” states Mellen.  “These talented horses can transition and excel in a second career if give the opportunity.  Please join us in giving the gift of life to an animal that is less fortunate.”

Yes, this actually is the World's Smartest Horse!

And the glitch?  “Well,” laughs Murdock, “Lukas pauses frequently to nicker, and when he’s particularly proud of himself he’ll pose and wait for me to clap for him.”  And it’s not likely that this is going to change:  “Lukas’ gift is to show the potential miracle of a second chance – hope and happiness for all creatures is our cherished purpose and legacy.  After The Finish Line is dedicated to a better life for the horses and for everyone involved, and we wholeheartedly urge you to lend your support.”

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