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Gomez Fifth Earnings Title Looking Iffy.

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Time is almost up for jockey Garrett Gomez’s bid to win the national earnings title for a fifth consecutive time. As of Thursday, Gomez’s mounts had generated $16,687,669 for year, putting him in 3rd place & over $500,000 short of leader Ramon Dominguez. Gomez trailed runner-up John Velazquez by a mere $30,179.

Gomez’s only likelihood to catch Dominguez rests inside the remaining week of 2010, with Santa Anita’s 5 race days, ranging from Dec. 26-27 and 29-31. He will probably have a good idea where his chances of regaining the title stand by Dec. 26th. Gomez is booked to journey Thiskyhasnolimit in the Malibu and Bogie at the $100,000 Sir Beaufort Stakes and could acquire mounts inside the other two stakes that day. In addition, Santa Anita has a powerful overnight purse that could add to the bottom line if Gomez’s mounts win.
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