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Doing Denver: The Mile High City Welcomes The 2011 National Western Stock Show.

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Denver kicks off Saturday’s opening of the National Western Stock Show with a parade through downtown at noon today beginning at Union Station, 1701 Wynkoop St.

In addition to animal poo, there will be marching bands, floats, horseback riders, cowboys, cowgirls and a whole slew of Texas Longhorn cattle.

The Stock Show runs Saturday through Jan. 23 at the Denver Coliseum, 4600 Humboldt St.

You may not be a cowboy and you hate it when Denver’s called a cowtown, but events like a Mexican rodeo, bull riding, horse shows, square dancing, fiddle playing and heifers (no, not your mom) may strike your fancy.

Throw on those cowboy boots, inhale that pungent stench and embrace your inner cow/boy/girl. Cowperson? Is that politically correct?

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