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Optimal Cartilage Development (OCD) Pellets, Help Build Stronger Equine Joints & Bones.

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Throughout a horse’s life, bone continually reforms. A horse with healthy bones is a pain-free horse. OCD Pellets provide the fundamental building blocks for healthy bone and aid in resolving skeletal injuries and joint pain. Horses of all disciplines can benefit from this revolutionary supplement. Here’s just one testimonial, among many, from a satisfied OCD Pellet customer.

“I love your product. It has helped my 10-yr-old APHA who had a severe joint infection. The infection wasn’t properly treated and ultimately caused wind puffs in his rear left fetlock. Since using OCD Pellets, the swelling has significantly reduced and the puffiness is now barely noticeable! I have also had my 3-yr-old Desert Norman Sporthorse on it as well, to help his development. I will never use any other supplement! Thank you!”

-D.P., Manchester, NH 11/24/2010

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional competitor, your horses will work better and stay sounder when OCD Pellets are a part of their nutritional program.

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