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Saddles & Saddlery News: What Saddles & Saddlery Proprietors Will Be Surprised To Learn About Saddle Fitting.

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With the horse world getting better informed by the day, equine lovers from countries near and far are getting better educated about the potential of well fitted saddle designs, specific to both horse and rider. When eyeballing saddles saddlery proprietors are often the first stop for comparing and contrasting various saddles. With the endless varieties of horseback riding available, it’s never been more important to consider whether you’ll be sliding performance quarter horses, penning cattle or cantering through the country side prior to shopping the saddle western. Saddles Western are carried and sold by 100’s of saddle retailers, designers and distributors  today. You might discover that an endurance saddle is the right call for your trail rides.  Many are jumping on this exhilarating sport.  And, not that it’s surprising, there are more endurance saddles available than in any time in history.

Both  rider and horse must be genuinely comfortable for true improvement to occur. Regardless of whether you select an endurance saddle, western saddle or dressage saddle, this will always hold true. With perfect fit being absolutely critical no matter what style of riding you pursue, both endurance saddles & western saddles must fit beautifully after hours, days or weeks on the trail. Just ask any rider and they’ll tell you straight up: No matter how many years you sit in the the saddle western, fit and comfort translate into performance and excellence. Saddles western fans know exactly what they want. Many own custom designed saddles with enough silver to reflect the sun. But those blinged out saddles still have to fit horse and rider like silk. Discuss your choices with the saddles saddlery designer in your neck of the woods, take notes and then start talking to several more. If you want a successful saddle purchasing experience. To truly understand proper saddle fitting, first let’s start with the three dimensions of saddle fit. They are, 1. width, 2. Arch and 3. Angle. The first two, width and arch, have tremendous impact on the horseback rider’s comfort.

A few remarkably sophisticated saddle makers use computer pressure pad systems to test and improve their western and endurance saddles with their patented 3-D fit system, providing both superior saddle fit and relieving the amount of pressure on a horseback rider’s seat. Using this method helps the saddle maker to determine some very important information.

The first thing that comes to light when discussing saddles saddlery and reviewing saddle design, is the seat’s “Arch”. This Arch or “Curve,” dictates the amount of PSI or pressure impacting the rider’s seat. The flatter the saddle’s seat, the smaller the amount of fitted contact with the rider’s seat. Because the contours of the endurance saddle or saddles western do not mesh with the contours of the rider, the rider feels less comfortable. No amount of padding can make up for this design flaw. Conversely, a well designed, deeper seat, that creates a contoured cup or pocket in either endurance saddles or the saddle western can truly help the rider feels both more comfortable and secure.

Extremely deep seats are well suited to disciplines like dressage, where riders sit the trot. Or barrel racing, where the saddle western is critical to the rider’s ability to stay onboard during those sharp, hi-speed turns. However, for disciplines like endurance riding, somewhat flatter endurance saddles, with a contoured seat, might be your best bet. Endurance riders do a great deal of riding at the posting trot and in a two point. (Two point means standing in your stirrups with your seat slightly up and out of the saddle. This gives your horse more freedom when he’s galloping.) For this kind of riding, most saddles saddlery experts agree, a flatter saddle where the pommel (The front of the saddle.) isn’t potentially bumping the front of the rider’s seat, is probably the ideal.

Now, when it comes to recreational riding, a somewhat raised pommel seems to provide the right degree of comfort for women riders, given the wider pelvic girdle and uniquely female tilt.  Many men, however, seem better served by a flatter endurance saddle or western saddle seat. The saddles saddlery expert may offer you many endurance saddles and saddle western styles to try to help you find the best saddle for you.

Many folks have failed to find the right off-the-rack endurance saddle or saddle western through their neighborhood or online saddles saddlery. The saddle might fit them and irritate or harm their horse, or might fit their horse and make them miserable. This drives many people to the custom endurance saddle or saddles western maker to get the perfect fit for both rider and horse. However, some people find that though they need a custom saddle fit, they really weren’t prepared for the custom saddle price, which can be rather high. So, what does someone who can’t find the right endurance saddles or saddle western, western saddle fit, off the rack, do?

The Smartest Shift in Saddles Saddlery: “Custom Fitted Endurance Saddles.”

A “customizable-fitted” saddle is a relatively new concept in saddle design. See the enclosed photo/video for information about a specialized saddle maker who uses their very own, patented fitting systems to allow the rider to control the saddle’s fit, on the fly.  Better yet, this unique system is designed to be both customizable and affordable! With these methods, you are now in control of the width, arch (rock) and angle to match the 3-dimensional shape of any horse’s body. This unique system is the only system available, either in North America or world-wide that allows this  adjustment to all three dimensions of the horse’s body. So, not only do you get a customizable fit, you can use it on multiple, hard to fit horses. Now you’re saving money like crazy!

Is this the best solution for folks needing a customized type fit at a very affordable price? When it comes to finding the right saddles saddlery, we think you should review this endurance saddle/saddle western maker and decide for yourself.



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