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Why Trails West Horse Trailers Use High Quality Electro Galvanized Steel.

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Horses-Trailer-For-Sale: Trails West

Horses-Trailer-For-Sale: Trails West

So, you’re starting to think about doing all your horse trailering yourself. Trails West horse trailers knows that when you’re looking at horse trailers for sales, that you’ve got a lot of questions. What’s the difference between bumper pull and gooseneck hitches? What should you look for when reviewing horse trailers living quarters? What’s the difference between horse trailers constructed from steel versus those constructed from aluminum? Trails West wants to give you some straight facts on the last question, to get you thinking.

Trails West horse trailers are constructed of high quality, electro-galvanized steel which is far superior to aluminum, in overall structural integrity. All metals have stress limits called yield strength and ultimate strength. When metal is stressed at a level below the yield strength, it will return to its normal shape after the stress is released. If the metal is stressed above its yield strength but below its ultimate strength, it will deform or bend but will not break. When stresses are applied that exceed a metal’s ultimate strength, the metal will break.

When metals are repeatedly stressed or flexed, even at levels well below their yield limits, they often fail. This is known as fatigue failure. Ferrous metals such as steel possess another stress limit known as fatigue strength. When the stresses from repeated flexing are kept below this fatigue strength, steel will not fail regardless of the number of times the steel is flexed. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum do not have fatigue strength: therefore, when aluminum is repeatedly flexed and stressed even at very low limits, it will eventually break. This is why aluminum trailers are reinforced with steel in critical areas, such as axle hangers, rear corners where gates hang, and hitch attachment points.

Properly engineered steel horse trailers are much stronger and more durable to the flex and stress caused by the road. Trails West uses properly prepared Electro-galvanized sheet steel with Dupont®. automotive primer and polyurethane paint, to produce a high quality, structurally superior horse trailer for less cost than aluminum trailers while providing the most value and wide range of options in the undustry.

A common misconception is that aluminum horse trailers weigh 40 to 50 percent less than steel trailers. A Trails West horse trailer is engineered to use heavier steel in high stress areas and lighter steel in lower stress areas. We use heavier wood in the floor area of the horse compartment while using lighter wood in the tack floor area. Trails West horse trailers are triple-wall constructed which protects the outside skin from damaging kicks coming from the horse area while providing a smooth sleek outside appearance. A triple-wall constructed Trails West horse trailer will typically weigh only 10 to 15 percent more than a comparably equipped aluminum trailer.

So, if you’re seriously considering a horse or horses trailer for sale especially your higher end, living quarters horse trailers, you seriously need to consider Trails West horse trailers. Featuring some of the highest and most respected horse trailer manufacturing standards in the U.S.

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