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Your Dog Chewing Problems Are Virtually History! Presenting The Only No-Chew Dog Spray Made With HOT PEPPER!

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DOG GONE® INDOOR is an aid in house training dogs chewing through everything in site. It’s guaranteed to stop chewing on the areas of application. DOG GONE® INDOOR is a clear colorless formula that can be sprayed without fear of staining on furniture, rugs, decorative pieces, ornamental and silk plants, shoes, etc. It can also be sprayed directly on your dog’s hair coat, as it is a non-toxic, water-soluable formula.

DOG GONE® OUTDOOR is a stronger formula to last in an outdoor open setting that is exposed to the elements.  It can be used on sprinkler heads, ornamental plants, trash cans and bags, wood decks, and other areas of your property. DOG GONE® OUTDOOR is a non-toxic, water-soluble formula. If a chewing dog is driving you mad, check out Dog Gone Indoor and Dog Gone Outdoor to stop dog chewing problems in their tracks!

DOG GONE® INDOOR and J.M. Saddler are & sponsors.

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