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Pick The Right Trap For The Flies That Are Bugging Your Horse!

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First: Prevent Flies On Your Property!

Prevention is easy. For most horse owners simply releasing Fly Predators® brand beneficial insects during warm weather months is getting rid of flies takes. They arrive every 3 to 4 weeks and you just sprinkle them near moist manure places. In a few minutes you’ve done your fly control for the month. It’s as simple as opening a sack of potato chips. Fly Predators seek out and destroy pest flies in the pupa (cocoon) stage. This is before they have a chance to emerge and start bugging you and reproducing by the gazillions. With a cost starting at just $18.45 per month for up to5 horses, you’ll likely save money compared to other things you’ve tried before.

Don’t let the other “P” word get you! The biggest cause of preventable flies this summer will be procrastination. “I Wish I Started Fly Predators Years Ago” is what we hear all the time. So don’t put this off! Schedule your Fly Predators today. Because, when it comes to flies, getting rid of fly infestations is what Spalding Labs is all about.

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