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Spalding Labs Stepping Up Organic Fly Control Via Fly Predators and Fly Traps For Consumer Dog Owner Market.

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Spalding Labs today announced an expansion into the consumer dog fly control market to help dog owners begin to migrate their fly control efforts towards more organic, integrated pest control strategies. Spalding Labs has added staff and trained them to specifically speak to the needs and concerns of individual dog owners concerned about using toxic sprays and pest control products around their beloved pets.

Spalding Labs Fly Predators have long been a mainstay of equestrian facilities, livestock operations and professional dog kennels, intent on controlling fly infestations by stopping fly reproduction in its tracks. Fly Predators are tiny, flying wasps  (known as beneficial bugs) that seek out pupating fly larvae to lay their eggs in. This process kills the fly larvae, preventing it from ever reaching adulthood and therefore helping to stop fly infestations before they start. Fly Predators are virtually invisible,  given their low flying patterns and are absolutely harmless to people, pets and animals. By beginning a pest control effort as early as possible in the season, dog owners should see dramatic decreases in the number of grown flies harassing their dogs. In many instances, flies virtually disappear. With a 35 year history providing fly control and relief to large animal operations, Spalding Labs felt it was time to give the individual pet owner the same options.

Dog owners will find using fly predators unbelievably simple. Once they receive their shipment, they wait to see that a few of the fly predators have begun hatching and then they just spread them around their property. It’s like shaking potato chips out of a bag. Now, for dog owners who have already begun to have issues with flies, either from their own dogs or their neighbors, Spalding Labs has recently added fly traps to their mix of fly control offerings. By offering a combination of sophisticated sticky traps and odor lures, dog owners will now be able to minimize the impact of fly pests on their pets, as they allow the fly predators to hatch and begin to stop the next wave of fly larvae from making it to adulthood.

“With Fly Predators and our new, USDA tested Fly Trap products, Dog owners will now be able to curtail fly infestations without subjecting their beloved pets to the toxic side effects of so many standard fly control products,” said Tom Spalding, Spalding Lab’s CEO. “Spalding Labs new expansion into the individual dog owner market was carefully planned to make sure that dog owners could be carefully educated, both through our online materials and the trained expertise of our customer representatives.”

Spalding Labs-Ahead Of Its Time In Providing Organic Fly Control Solutions.

With the growing concern over the impact of toxic pest control products, both on the environment and the direct effect on their pets, individual dog owners have been turning to Spalding Labs more frequently than ever. Long considered an insider secret by veterinarians, professional dog breeders and dog care kennels, Spalding Labs fly predators are perhaps one of the most intrinsically organic pest control products available today. Beneficial insects such as the species found in fly predators occur naturally in most surroundings. However, they simply don’t breed at the same pace as flies, which is why adding a modest amount of these carefully selected beneficial bugs puts the balance back in the dog owners favor.

Fly Predators eliminate the next generation of pest flies by means of natural biological control. Unlike pesticide sprays that only affect adult flies (who likely have already laid hundreds of eggs, insuring more flies in 10 days) Fly Predators target the pest fly pupa (cocoon) stage-killing the immature flies before they can bother you and your animals or reproduce to start the cycle again.

By Fly Predators, dog owners can completely avoid any of the potential adverse side effects associated with pesticides. Just reading the warning label on almost any fly pesticide or repellent is perhaps the best advertisement for biological control. By contrast there is no warning label for the species in Fly Predators. Spalding Labs Fly Predators have enjoyed 35 years of commercial use with no known adverse effects.

“This is a great product. I must say it has been a blessing. Most of the flies are gone. It was one of the best products I have ever won at a dog show,” stated Christina, of Irvine, Kentucky. According to Colvin of Pete Minter, Alaska, “We used Fly Predators for the first time, last year. They worked real good controlling flies around our dogs and horses. We had very few flies after we started putting them out at home.”

Spalding Labs customer representatives are happy to discuss each dog owner’s specific situation and the best combination of fly control products for the task. They can be reached 5 AM till 6 PM, PST. Call them today at 1-888-880-1579 for more information.


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