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Why A Pony Party Is Smarter Than A Show Pony.

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Not Just Any Show Pony.

So, it’s another jumping lesson and I’m standing there, listening to my mom and the other horse’s moms and our trainer, (Madame as I call her.) talk about the new show pony in the barn. He’s a perfectly decent, mid size bay pony, nice mover, and Madame announces that he’s cheap cause he’s only $80,000. That a lot of the ponies that have big showing pedigrees are now going for $200,000 to $500,000! Mom, as you can imagine, is shocked. A solid hunter prospect can still be had for $50,000 to $90,000, these days, so, why on earth would anyone pay half a million dollars for a child’s pony? Well, it all comes down to looks, performance and safety for the offspring of these wealthy folks.

To be honest, I recommend you limit your child’s exposure to ponies to the occasional pony party with a reputable pony party company. It will cost you far less than any pony showing ever could.

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