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Horse Breeding, Training & Lay Up Facilities Find Feed Times Stream Lined With Triple Crown’s New “Total Lifetime Care,” Horse Feed Pellets.

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“What really makes Triple Crown TLC so groundbreaking,” said Jessica Drexler, a Triple Crown Horse Feed Consultant, ” Is that we’ve included not only our ground breaking combination of complex amino acids, fats and organic minerals to give the growing horse a great head start, but we’ve complemented all of that with digestive enzymes, Mycotoxins protection and probiotics. All these elements are designed to enhance nutritional absorption and a healthy hindgut while simultaneously energizing cells and accelerating cell repair. Most importantly, this feed’s nutritional profile is consistent  with the guarantees in all the TC feeds.”

Designed to deliver the best possible horse nutrition components for horses of all ages, “Triple Crown TLC,” enables knowledgeable horse professionals to more easily monitor multiple horse feeding programs. Mature animals weighing 1,000 lbs. should be fed 5 to 6 lbs. of “Triple Crown TLC,” everyday. Young horses should be fed 1% of their body weight, until they reach  400 lbs. Weanlings and older foals should receive multiple daily feedings, enough “Triple Crown TLC,” to help them maintain a moderate body weight.  According to Jessica, “If any of your foals are too young for 5-6 lbs. of ‘Triple Crown TLC,’ per day, we then suggest you supplement with 1 lb. of ‘Triple Crown 30% Supplement,’ to insure adequate mineral and vitamin levels. For ponies, cut that horse feed amount in 1/2.”

To find a Triple Crown Horse Feed dealer near you, please visit To discuss the benefits of feeding Triple Crown TLC to your horses, feel free to ring a Triple Crown Feed Consultant at 800.451.9916.

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Triple Crown Total Lifetime Care Horse Feed

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