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NO THRUSH: First Ever Powdered, Thrush Treatment For Tough Horse Thrush Problems.

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As always, a picture is worth countless words. So, this page is structured to show how No Thrush ® is used, what to expect, and also to learn our hints and recommendations for the best and fastest thrush treatment…. By the way… Notice we don’t say “Cure” when speaking about thrush, we say “Treat.” This is because thrush is not curable. The bacteria lives in the horse, and returns when conditions aren’t ideal. Once thrush takes hold, all you can do is treat. (Although we do recommend using No Thrush ® in a regular maintenance program). After regular treatment and healing dusting, a PRO-ACTIVE 4-5 dustings per month (maintenance) will give substantial aid in keeping thrush from re-invading. So, No Thrush ®, and all the rest, “treat.” Our customers happen to believe that we have the best, cleanest, and most versatile thrush product on the market. Check out the testimonials.

IMPORTANT  NOTE ABOUT USAGE: 4-7 days of use is all that is needed to treat 95% of the active thrush cases out there. (Then regular maintenance is recommended) But please note…..  If you have been “chasing thrush” for an extended period of time, (months, years?) and you’ve tried every product and concoction with limited results (and the thrush returns quickly),  that is indication that the bacteria is lodged deep in the tissue of the foot. In these cases you will probably find an unusual crack in the frog or deeper-than-normal crevice at the heel. This crack can not be left alone.

Distribution – Retailers, NO THRUSH can be found through many distributors, including VSI, BCI, RJ Matthews, K&K Supply, Western Saddlery, Jack’s Inc, Nelson Wholesale, Cascade Animal Health, Animal Health International, Dubois Distributors. More are coming soon! NT is also available through the Durvet buying group. If your preferred distribution account is not yet listed, please contact our National product rep team at:

Stop Thrush Problems For Your Horse.

After 3 days of using No Thrush ®, the wetness is gone, the smell is gone, the area is dry, and the the foot is healing and closing.

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