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Even Horses Need Apps!

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 Smart Phone App For Horse Riders.

In today’s smartphone world, even riding enthusiasts need a smart app.

It seems that the term “There’s an app for that!” can be applied to just about anything these days. We’re certainly used to smart guys having come up with all kinds of solutions that you can segue into your smart phone, whether it’s f for communicating, calculating stuff from day to day, looking for bargains online or using your phone as a bright torch.

But as a horse owner, I didn’t realize just how much the nerds in the labs were thinking of me! I only recently discovered that there are a number of apps that you can use for assisting in your everyday chores connected with horses. It just goes to show – if there’s a buck to be made from it, some guy will pay some other guy to come up with the right app.

The list of equine-related apps is a surprisingly long one. We’ll just run through five of them here, all of which are available on iTunes only. In another blog, we’ll take a look at some others that are downloadable from Google Play for Androids.

The first app we came across was the Hay Price Calc. This baby was developed by a company called Regents based in the University of Minnesota (that’s another thing – since when have universities stopped being placing of pure learning and instead places of entrepreneurship?). It works out the price of hay per ton and gathers information live so that you can work out where the bargains are to be had for buying hay. The Android version isn’t ready yet, but for now you can have it for your iPhone or iPad for 99c.

From the same stable in Minnesota, comes another app called Healthy Horse. This app is a clever enough one that will help you with medication dosage and feeding management. You estimate your horses’ body weight based on five different types of horse, once you’ve entered details on body length, girth circumference, height and neck width. Then the app tells you what your horse should weight and you can base your feeding management with this useful info. Healthy Horse comes at the financially healthy price of $1.99.

A company called Dance the Tide Development has come up with an app selling at $4.99 called Horse Keeper. This is a more comprehensive piece of gadgetry that allow you to store a full management file for your horse’s health – contact info for the vet, essential data on your horse’s status, when the horse is due for a check-up, etc. There is also a sync function that allows other family members or fellow employees to update information.

Road Apple Applications have an app called Pocket Stable. This is for tracking vaccination records for your horse, as well as farrier visits, and any other schedules of significance, including worming times, dentists’ appointments and his birthday. All this organization for just $1.99.

For those who are not yet thoroughly familiar with horses or who just love to keep on learning about them, you might want to try the Horsemanship – Equestrian Lessons app by Elaine Heney. Retailing at $2.99, this is a great little educator in your pocket, giving you invaluable information and re-training that will give you a real deep insight into your horse.

Something that I’m really hoping will come soon is and app that will work out fly prevention. If you have horses, you’ll know just how tough that can be. We use a fly predator system with fly traps and one homemade fly trap. It still works brilliantly and we don’t have any fly problems anymore but the truth is that nothing is easy when there’s an app for it!

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  1. admin says:

    I think horse apps are the wave of the future and can’t wait to see how creative the horse world gets with all of this!

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