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Dreaming of an Ice Horse Back Blanket

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Dreaming of an Ice Horse Back Blanket

When you have a horse that performs a lot, you will see that certain problems arise on the physical front. Just like us creaky old humans, horses also suffer from a certain amount of wear and tear. And, just like humans, a few little devices to help the wear and tear not so wearing and tearing will go a long way to improving your horse’s health and performance levels at those trials.

horse in a blanket

Blankets keep horses warm and protected

Horses tend to develop some back problems as a result of the repeated poundings that it has to go through when involved in competition. Moreover, the main area where it has to bear the weight is right on its back where the rider is sitting. It stands to reason, therefore, that the back is the area most susceptible to injury on an ongoing basis. When your horse is laid up for a few months, you’re also losing time and possible money.

One preventative cure for this is to get a good quality back blanket. Designed by the Ice Horse people, this device is designed not only as preventative, but also as a way of getting your injured horse back into shape in rapid time. For competition horses, it’s really a must. The thing is contoured in its shape, fitting neatly onto your horse so that it will give maximum levels of coverage from the shoulder blades and withers, over the spine and the Sacroiliac joint.

The ice in the jacket remains good and cold for over 120 minutes. The application of the ice-cold product on the skin is a proven method of deep muscle and connective tissue repair that will shorten the suffering for your horse and get you back in the saddle in double-quick time.

It will reduce soreness; kill the inflammation and overheating that accompany back injuries in a horse. The effect is spread nice and evenly along the horse’s torso and back and it can be used in conjunction with similar products that can be applied to any damaged joints. Basically, it gives your horse an area-specific ice bath that will great reduce pain and recovery time.

The product is also reusable – completely so, in fact. Once the two-hour stint is up, you can re-freeze the blanket and you’re ready to treat your horse once more.

After that, the biggest pest involved in the equine world is the fly. There are many ways of tackling the question of flies getting rid of them, but the only sensible one is that of organic pest control. A fly infestation in the summer can quickly turn your calm steed of speed into a whining, head-shaking nag of no-hope. The best mosquito repellent is natural and the best way to fight nature is by using nature itself.

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