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Natural Calming For Horses

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Calming Horses on the Move

Stress, they say, is often the killer. We see it in our own human lives all the time. The structure of the modern life is such that we’re out of kilter with the rhythms of nature and this puts a sort-of background soundtrack of stress to all our lives from the get-go.

Added to that the pressure-cooker environment of some occupations nowadays, and you begin to get the picture of how inherently stressed we all are. It’s perhaps no wonder, therefore, that so many people take antidotes to this stress in the form of alcohol and other drugs.

Picture then, the life of the average horse nowadays. He or she is also under a different rhythm to the normal rhythms that his forefathers would have known. Many are brought up in stables and lead a life of being brought to events, taken out to training and so forth.

In truth, most horses seem to enjoy much of this kind of active life, but there are times when an added stress can lead to them reacting very badly. Horses can suffer from a range of physiological effects from stress.

Phermones have a calming effect on the newborn foal

Phermones have a calming effect on the newborn foal

Some of these peak stress events could include a visit from the vet or the farrier. Also, loading your horse into a trailer – a confined space that he would surely prefer not to go into – brings its own problems, as well as other sudden changes of environment brought on by traveling or eventing, for example.

There are products out there that are designed to alleviate your horse’s stress levels at these peak times. One such product is Confidence EQ. It consists of a gel and in this gel is what some very clever lab technicians have come up with: it’s a synthetically-produced copy of an appeasing pheromone that is produced by a mare after having her newborn foal. This scent for horses is recognized by all horses of every age and they will find it reassuring and relaxing. It’s the scent of security and safety and will allay any tension in a horse. You simply get out the tub of it and apply some of the gel to the inside of his nostrils so that the appeasing scent works to help relax the horse

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