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New Year, New Horse Goals

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Horses Starting the New Year Well

Even if we’re a month into the New Year, it’s really never too late to implement those New Year Resolutions.

That is the beauty of life: you can actually start again any day of your choosing. The important thing is to actually start again, however, and not keep putting it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow might never arrive…

Blond caressing a horseFor those with horses, it is often to set down to caring for your animal than it is to do yourself some good. For the record, here are a few resolutions that you can start with tomorrow and that will improve the health and happiness of you and your horse(s):

Control the Carbohydrates: Horses are no different to us when it comes to finding an overload of carbohydrates seemingly irresistible. The hot fresh bread is the bane of humans. For horses, keep a close eye on packs of grain and hay and watch out for the NSC count (nonstructural carbohydrate). You can remove some of sugar from the hay by soaking it and that will help. Anything that will reduce the chances of laminitis and colic is always worth the extra bit of effort.

Healthy Body, Healthy Horse: Worship the body beautiful when it comes to horses. Keeping your horse trim and slim is a big priority and there are a lot of horses who are struggling with their waist line. Horse obesity is an issue that is bulging at the moment, so if you are struggling speak to your Veterinarian or a representative from the feed company.

Fitness Levels: Keep your horse fit as well as looking slim. This is an important distinction to make, of course and the joints should be kept in good order too, so that your horse may enjoy living and will be of therefore sounder mind. Keep him fit but don’t overdo it.

Let Your Horse Breathe: Plenty of pasture time for your horse is probably the best medicine. Also pay attention to such practices as bringing your horse out of the stall during mucking-out time and making sure that their accommodation is well ventilated. Minimize dust particles where possible, using low-dust bedding and feed.

Establish Healthy Lifestyle Practices: Keep a rounded impression at all times. Don’t just focus on one particular area of health. Instead, keep it controlled, with vaccinations, de-worming, dental care and hoof care. Organic pest control is another very important one for the health of you and your horse. Flies getting rid of them has never been better than in this post-chemical era. Did you know for example, that the best mosquito repellent is a natural one? And today’s mosquito spray is equally chemical free so you can lay it on thick without worrying about its effects on your horse’s health.


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