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Keeping 24/7 check on your horse

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Crowd-Funded Equine Project to Launch This Year

The crowd funding scene has been a breath of fresh air to the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneur-ship.

It means that worthy projects can get off the ground without having to go to the banking sector. One such project is a very interesting one for anyone involved in the equine business. Equine Night Check is the name of the product/project and it is the brainchild of a company called Hamilton BioVet.

Horses due to foal benefit from 24/7 monitoring

Horses due to foal benefit from 24/7 monitoring

The idea behind the Night Check is to create a significant reduction in equine medical bills. The notion is of particular interest to the larger stables where keeping a careful eye on a number of different horses presents obvious challenges.

In such circumstances, it’s often very difficult to spot the early signs of diseases such as laminitis, colic or a horse cast in the stall.

Early intervention is important and vital in all these cases but it’s often very difficult to do that when you have 40 or 50 horses to look after.

The new system will detect tell-tale symptoms in horses, discovering any signs of multiple stresses, for example. Colic might not sound such a serious condition but in a horse, it kills about every one in ten.

Ms. Hamilton – the lady behind the idea – is someone who has direct experience of the trauma of losing a horse to colic and it was the death of her own horse that prompted her determination to find a better way of detecting potentially fatal diseases in horses.

The system works by using a small sensor that is attached to your horse with a special strap. This is small – about the size of a bank card. These sensors are linked to a centralized computer system and the software app will pick up on fluctuations in body temperature and heart beat and other vital signs.

A message is then texted to a pre-ordained phone number (normally of the owner of perhaps the vet) if anything is abnormal with the horses.

Already, a number of test-sites have won over some horse owners. One stable owner points out that “a lot of colic cases happen at night and it’s real important to rectify the situation quickly… This kind of innovation could certainly save horses’ lives, as well as giving owners peace of mind.”

The people at Hamilton Bio Vet have gone for the crowd-funding route in order to fully develop the product before putting it on the market. The intention is that at some point during the summer of 2015, the Equine Night Check will be a reality in many stables across America.

It may even be an additional watchdog system for fly control. If a fly infestation starts to develop, then horses generally become stressed and worked up. Organic pest control has now become the norm in most stables but in the business of flies getting rid of them, there are often mistakes in implementation and the even with the best mosquito repellent in the world, there will still be problems like this that need monitoring.

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