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Making Tracks In Equine Medicine

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New Drugs Approval for Horses

There are many kinds of conditions that affect horses. Any owner of a horse will tell you that despite the fact of it being a large and strong animal, there are many aspects of a horse’s health and structure – both internally and externally – that make it an often very delicate creature.

One of the most common problems of the expensive modern horse is that of navicular syndrome. This is a condition that causes bone degeneration in the legs (mostly the front legs) of horses.

scratching grey horseThe truth is that there are multiple factors leading to the condition and there are ways of getting to the root of it and treating it. Most of the time, it’s down to certain habits of the modern horse, such as landing feet first. The repeated stresses that certain performing animals have to be put through will put those horses in the high-risk category for navicular syndrome.

But, life moves fast these days and there’s often no time to stop and change the way that things are done. The pressures of modern life mean that, rather like the way people don’t deal with their own emotional issues, they get a pill for it.

For every conceivable problem, there are always bright minds being put to work in laboratories concocting a solution of sorts that will cost you.

And so, the one that will assist people in managing navicular syndrome is a drug called Tildren. Otherwise known as tiludronate disodium, its approval has for many years been sought after by people in the horse-racing and horse-breeding industry in the United States.

Only a few months back it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, thus making it freely (though not actually for free) available to veterinarians throughout America.

The drug, they say, will “restore balance” to the process of bone remodeling for bone structures that are under repeated stresses.

This is how we solve problems in the modern world: we ignore the possibility of removing the cause of stress and instead we formulate a chemical that will get in there amongst the molecules and bend nature ever so slightly to our will.

If only they took their lead from how we are now finally dealing with the issue of mosquito control. There was a time not so long ago when the focus of all pest control products was to formulate chemicals that fought off the elements of nature. Now, the plan is work with nature – to learn how to use natural things and other insects in how to get rid of flies in house. The blue green fly never even sees the light of day if you have enough fly predators to eat them in their larva form. Fly control used to take the chemical path and horse-breeding will too one day.


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