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These boots were made for horses

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Wearing Shoes Around your Horse

Just what is the right kind of footwear to wear around your horse? The horse doesn’t mind what you wear, of course, but as long as you’re comfortable, then your horse is also relaxed and comfortable.

Like in any situation with footwear, the issue of comfort counts for a lot – maybe even for everything. When you’re in the barn or in the stable for a good part of the day, it means that you’re standing on your feet for long periods of time – much longer, perhaps than the average citizen.

ID-1006136Therefore, you need to have good support and buy something with comfort in mind. A good-quality pair of equestrian boots that are made especially for using around the stables is just what you need. That way, the comfort factor will be at the highest possible level and you’ll be able to work all day long without getting sore feet.

Depending on what you’re going to be doing, there are a few different types of boot that you can wear working with your horse:

First of all, there are the riding boots. If you’re going to be getting up on the horse for a good part of the day and if the ground is reasonably dry, then this is the best kind of wear to go for. There’s the Western style of riding boot – it always looks cool to saunter around in these, but you might prefer to go with the tall boots that are more associated with events. These are actually a better design for the job of horse handling than the Western boot, which is more of a general-use boot that also serves as a shorter riding boot for the cowboy who didn’t want to change footwear 18 times a day.

If you’re going to be slopping out the stables and basically getting down and dirty for a good part of the day, then you’re probably best going for a pair of rubber boots or muck boots. These will keep out that fragrant moisture so redolent of the barn.

During the summer time, a lot of people go for casual wear and put on something like crocs when they’re going around the farm. They keep your feet nice and cool and won’t make you sweat like, say, the rubber boots would when it’s 85 outside.

Another consideration in footwear is to keep both flies and dogs away from you while you work. If you are not the best person in the world for a good fly prevention policy, then it might be time to first go out and buy some fly traps and get in a fly predator system before you go shopping for boots. Or better still, you could even make your own homemade fly trap.

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