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Watching out for the Horse Trailer Tires

Driving along the road and getting a blow-out with your beloved and valuable cargo of horse-flesh inside your huge expensive rig is really something that one will always want to avoid.

Pick up with horse trailerThe biggest problem with people who have a horse trailer is that they decide that they know little about the technicalities of it all and they end up paying someone to tell them something that they would already know had they just looked at the side wall of the tires on their horse trailer.

That’s right – just about all the information you need is right there. The first thing that you’ll see is a series of letters that start with either ST or LT. The letters LT mean Light Truck, while the ST letters stand for Special Trailer. Horse trailers can take both types of tire, but ST tires are designed for trailers specifically and they have special qualities that give you an advantage in terms of safety.

Essentially, by putting LT tires on your trailer, you will subject them to a lot more stress and damage than if you had used the ST ones. The LT tire has been engineered for the long haul, the smooth ride and the best traction. The trailer tire is subject to a lot more in terms of shocks and sophisticated suspension, so it stands to reason that the LT isn’t up to it and is therefore more prone to your nightmare scenario of a blow-out.

One of the features of the ST tire is the reinforced sidewall that has been manufactured so as to withstand the increased pounding that you will inevitable have on a trailer. It even allows for flexing when the tire is being pulled around a corner. If you do the same thing with an LT tire, the horse trailer will start to sway. This is a highly dangerous situation and you should keep that image in your head before checking the sidewall of your tire again.

The next thing to concentrate on is the load range. This is all about the weight that the tire can take once it’s inflated to the correct pressure. There is a letter code for each load range. For example, the load range F means that each one of the tires is designed to carry 3,858 pounds. By multiplying that figure by 4, you reach a total weight-bearing capability of 15,400 pounds. Therefore, the total weight of your trailer and the horses and equipment in it should not exceed 15,400 pounds. If it does, you’re putting yourself at risk of a sudden blow-out.

Once you’ve got your safety tire check done, it is really important to prevent any fly infestation occurring. Organic pest control is the best suited to the requirements of the horse owner today. Flies getting rid of them and knowing what is the best mosquito repellent are all important to the well-being of your horses while they’re being transported. After that, you should use some organic modern mosquito spray on the inside of your horse trailer.


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