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Youth Horse Industry Looking Good

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The future of the equine industry….

Just like every other industry and organization, the youth are the future. The youth are also the backbone of any nationwide organization and it is up to each gathering – no matter how big or small – to identify and praise the individuals that are making moves and shaking things up amongst the youth arm of their movement.

The American Youth Horse Council is no different. Every year, the AYHC does a bang-up job in recognizing the elements that are driving forward their national organization and selecting the most likely leaders and influencers of tomorrow in the American equine scene.

The hunt is always on to recognize the leaders and this is done by handing out awards such as the Student Leaders of the Year awards. These are the guys and girls who are bringing people into the organization all over the country, passing on their skills to younger people interested in becoming better horsemen and understanding the complexities of the horse and its special relationship with mankind.

Horse jump a hurdle in a competition/Equestrian jumperIt’s all about the connection – connecting children and young adults through horses. Anyone involved in horses knows that the thrill and satisfaction young people get from a great relationship with a horse puts everything else in pale insignificance – whether that’s online gaming or drugs or any of the many other distractions that can take our nation’s youth down the wrong road.

The nomination process is most important in this regard. There are hundreds and thousands of leaders in the student ranks all around the country – the kind of people who are always working tirelessly night and day to highlight the young people and the horse industry and the importance and interdependency of each one. These are the kind of young people who are making dealing with and working with horses’ fun for all and are always trying to find creative ways of getting more people involved and basically spreading the love.

These are the kind of candidates that others need to keep nominating. By pushing such emerging leaders up the ladder, you ensure that the future is in safe hands – in the hands of those who are passionate and intelligent, with leadership qualities in a forward-thinking and positive manner.

Usually nominations take place at the start of the calendar year, with symposiums are the country (the last one was in Oregon) taking place in the spring. You have to be an AYHC member to nominate your favorite candidate but the process is simple a democratic from there.

The most hot issues for youth working in horses in the country have been based around organic pest control. Fly infestation is something that today’s youth are seeing as a problem that was always there but they’re still taking it even more seriously when they hear from their older compatriots of how flies getting rid of them was a far easier process back in the day. Today’s youth are well versed in the ways of organic pest control. They don’t have the same hang-ups that older folk might have and to them, the fact that the best mosquito repellent is made by nature is just a fact – no more, no less.

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