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Frozen Fever for Horse fans

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The Frozen Horse for Real

Anna’s horse from Disney’s Frozen is an actual Norwegian horse breed!

Unless you have been hiding under some kind of rock for the last few years, you’ll not have failed to have heard of the Disney film Frozen.

This must be one of the popular animated American films that has ever been released by Disney and the world at this point is full of little girls belting out the chorus of Let it Go.

The heroine in the cartoon movie is a girl called Anna. Amongst many other things, she rides around on a really nice horse 800px-Fjording,_mother_and_daughterwho acts and thinks like a dog or a human or a kind of a mixture of both. Furthermore, the horse in question is called Arendelle and even though it looks like a creation of some kind of fantasy creature straight out of the imagination of the Disney people, it’s actually based on a real type of horse that comes from the frozen lands for real.

The name of this kind of horse is a Norwegian Fjord. This kind of horse originated in Norway and is a rare breed. After the exposure it got in cartoon form in Frozen, however, I’m sure that the demand for the Norwegian Fjord will be getting much higher.

The horse has a twin-tone mane. In its natural state, this consists of a dark stripe in the middle, flanked by two white stripes along the side. This allows for some creative coiffeur work to make a pattern to distinguish your animal.

Anna from Frozen and her horse

Anna from Frozen and her horse

For example, some owners will snip out a pattern of a hearts along the outer blonde stripes. It shows up perfectly against the middle black stripe, so you get a cool pattern. In the film Frozen, the horse had a series of parallelograms cut out along the length of its mane. This pattern of black-and-white battlements gave it a vaguely castle-like theme that was very much in keeping with the whole Frozen thing.

The breed of Norwegian Fjord is a small pony-like animal. They’ve got a great temperament (just like the horse in Arendelle) and they’re strong and hardy as a breed – ideal for the arctic conditions that Anna had to face when she went looking for her sister in the icy castle.

Once they get into warmer climes, however, the same breed have more difficulty than most horses in dealing with the insects that come with the territory outside of the icy part of the globe. Mosquito control is harder with these guys than with others. Or, rather the mosquito control is more crucial than with other horse breeds because the Norwegians tolerate it less. Pest control products that target the blue green fly should be looked into before bringing such a horse into your lives. Fly control is vital for any horse but with the proliferation of the Norwegian Fjord now at its height because of the Frozen craze, it’s truer than ever that if you know how to get rid of flies in house, you’ll know how to get rid of them in the barn too.


*image courtesy of Disney Wiki

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