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Treating Your Horse with Acupuncture

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Treating Your Horse with Acupuncture

Medicine is a funny thing – whether you’re treating a human or an animal such as a horse.

Even though back in the time of the ancient Greeks, there were two types of approach to treatment that were treated with equal respect, today we seem to have only one approach and everything else is referred to as some sort of “alternative”, as if it were some sort of lesser treatment that probably doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the rigors of the real world.

One recent case was an owner of a horse who experienced a session of acupuncture for their horse one day. The first thing that the practitioner did when he arrived into the yard to inspect the horse was to lay and run his hands all over the horse to assess him.

buying-a-horseThis kind of thing can really add fuel to the fire in the mind of someone who’s already skeptical and who regards anything that doesn’t involve a fast-acting drug as a load of hokey.

In this case, the owner was open-minded but a little bit puzzled that such an approach was being taken. After all, how could someone assess what was wrong with the horse by simply hovering praying hands over the animal?

But as anyone who does a bit of massage knows, it is quite amazing what you can tell from a light touch of the surface of a body. Certain energy waves are given off from muscle and fiber tension in the body. Restriction and tensions in muscle tissue will be transmitted through the needles also.

Perhaps, in many ways, people are a bit removed from the forces of nature and are not listening to them as much as they probably should.

They want to see tangible results. They want to see an electronic photo of their horse, showing where some sort of highly expensive scanning device picked up heat or cold from a full body scan of the horse – not some hippy picking up micro-vibes from the horse, man!

But the power of acupuncture is very well regarded and it is here to stay. Like the pharmaceutical approach, acupuncture is a precise discipline that does have plenty of positive results.

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