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The Horse and the Current USA Market

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The Horse Market in the USA Today

The recession spares nobody in the modern economies of the world, including the USA. When it comes to equine products of all sorts, this industry has suffered more than many others have.

Horses are a luxury item, no matter what way you look at it. As the recession continued over the last number of years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of horses owned by people across the country and this, in turn, has led to a decrease in the demand for all kinds of equine products from bridles to back supports and everything in between.

seling-horseThe horse, however, is very much deep rooted in American culture. The US is the country with by far and away the greatest number of horses in the world and we enjoy horse-related TV and radio stations for all the horse-loving public out there. So, as the economy improves and picks up, there is genuine expectation that this equine-related industry will pick itself up off the ground as well.

Certain states such as Oklahoma and Kentucky have a particularly heavy reliance on all things equine in their respective economies and the sign so far are that the equine industry is very much on the rebound in these territories.

Reports from the US Government talk about this issue, as well as pointing out a number of strategies now being taken by leaders in the industry: using various points of attack for marketing and market development plays. These will, the Government believes, take the industry in several new directions at once. It’s a case of necessity being the mother of invention.

The growth should start to be really felt by early 2017 and amongst the new initiatives are new dietary products, certain types of supplements and feeds; many of them with a very organic or “green” bent to them. Another area of growth is that of so-called alternative medicine. In this regard, the likes of acupuncture and homeopathy are making inroads into what were often more expensive areas of pharmaceutical medication for horses. The drug companies might not be gaining from these trends, but they are taking the business in a new direction and that means new opportunities.

In the same theme, the whole area of fly traps and organic fly control is one that has been showing massive growth. These are also quite recession-proof, so long as horse numbers don’t drop too drastically. The combination of flies and dogs in many yards has meant for a more holistic approach to the whole area of fly prevention and the combination of fly predator and homemade fly trap has proved a winning one for many horse owners.

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