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Vacations with Horses

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Vacations with Horses

When people talk about vacations with a horse, those who own a horse might be thinking of bringing along their favorite horse in a trailer to where they’re going. For most people, however, it involves going to some exotic location and then hiring a horse for the day or for the afternoon.

When it comes to taking a horse vacation, the sky is literally the limit. You can go to just about anywhere on earth to have your equine holiday to your heart’s content. For example, you could be in Africa in the Okavango River Delta, galloping past herds of giraffe and wildebeest, or you could be over somewhere Stateside – maybe rounding up cattle on a ranch or exploring trails in Arizona.

There are so many levels to explore and many of the excursions can easily cater for multiple levels. This is something quite unique to horse-riding vacations. If you’re doing some other activity, it’s vital that everyone else is at the same level – whether it’s skiing, windsurfing or mountain-biking.

But with riding, an intermediate rider or a beginner can much in with the more experienced ones without lessening the experience for anyone in the group.

trail-riding-1The main thing is to have a good look on the net at what’s out there and then choose the kind of vacation you want. There is the traditional kind of ones that you’ll find all over the countries of Europe. Even though it’s the most densely-populated and richest continent in the world, there are still lots and lots of natural expanses to explore. What about a ride through the magical world of the Rhone Delta: the place known as the Camargue, where their versions of cowboys share the wilderness with black bulls and white horses?

For the more adventurous still, there are great equine vacations in Africa – particularly countries like Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana. Think about the fun/risk ratio when deciding on this kind of holiday. It might, for example, be a real thrill to ride alongside buffalo or hippos, but sometimes the risk might outweigh the thrill of it all.

In fact, horseback is one of the best ways to see wild animals. Apparently, you can get right up close to them because the wild animals will only smell the horse and not the human so they won’t tend to be as spooked by you as when you might try the same thing in a jeep or on foot.

There’s also the option of living the life of the cowboy – either in North America or Argentina. This would often involve the dual activity of riding and working on the ranch – looking after regular ranch-hand chores such as mucking out and feeding the horses.

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