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Global Warming Means Less Food and More Disease for Horses

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Global Warming Means Less Food and More Disease for Horses

For people who own horses, the twin issues of feeding them and keeping them free of diseases are paramount.

These are the main ideas that preoccupy the rancher in ensuring that his herd is okay. Are they healthy? And Have they enough food?

It’s part of a regular ongoing global kind of struggle that is common to all creatures on this earth, without laboring the point – something that we can all relate to. For food, there are numerous examples in history of food production in one particular area being wiped out because of another organism. The Irish Potato Famine from the 1840s, for example, was caused by a fungus in the crop known as Potato Blight and another famine in Bengal in the 1940s was caused by another fungal infection.

Global Warming Means New Challenges For Horses

Global Warming Means New Challenges For Horses

Since those times, the chemical and biological spheres of this world have striven to rid ourselves of the possibility of this kind of thing happening again and, on the face of it, there seems to have been a huge amount of progress.

Nowadays, you can spray hundreds of acres of land in a day and have them all safe from a long list of potentially harmful pathogens that will ensure thousands of people won’t starve.

It’s the same story when it comes to illness, it seems. There was once a time when smallpox stalked the earth but now it is no more – thanks to a scientific approach that is logical and effective.

But if you pull back just a little bit, you might notice that despite these steps forward, there seem to be another step or back, without us perhaps being fully aware of it.

According to recent research by Oxford University, the pests and diseases of this planet are, in the main, very much here to stay. For every one we render extinct or control to the extent of extinction, there’s another one to take their place – another mutated form of something that will do the job of the previous applicant, only better.

But the more alarming thing still about it is that these same researchers have shown that the various diseases that affect both animals and crops are moving northwards and southwards (towards the poles, in other words) at a creepy rate of over 3km per year.

This has all been happening since about 1960, they say. You can see it in the example of the pine beetle – a pest that has been causing wreck in the Northwest of the United States for some time. Not only has this destructive pest been moving northwards, but he’s also moving higher up in altitude, resulting in epidemic levels in the West.

It all serves to emphasize the importance of keeping things organic. For all the pests that bother your horse – specifically for flies getting rid of mosquitoes – the only way to go is by organic pest control. If you use the natural repellent which is the best mosquito repellent, for example, and use fly predators instead of chemical spray, then you and your horse will stay healthy and will eat properly in an uncontaminated way. Furthermore, the days of fly infestation will be over for goo

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