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My Horse, The Hero

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Special Horses with a Special Connection

There was a very inspiring story recently about a horse that nobody wanted but which turned out to be something of a hero after all.

Horses have a special way of connecting with people, of healing them and of making them change and reorient their outlook on life for the good.

It was the case with a brown-red horse with a very matted mane. This was a scrawny type of horse with a coat that was rather dull and lifeless. The same horse also bore a scar that was the result of an accident with a barb wired fence from years ago.

The owner was Priscilla Gomes and this horse was a three-year-old animal that she concluded must have been abused and mistreated at some point. She paid just over $950 for the horse at auction, renamed him Magic and took him home to her home in Indiana.

After some work with the horse, Priscilla got him back to full health and riding again. There was a sudden incident one day that puzzled Priscilla when the horse suddenly bucked while they were going up a hill. She was unhurt but in the process of communicating with Magic at that point, she discovered that the horse had become blind.

The special bond between horse and owner

The special bond between horse and owner

The horse was suffering pain in his now-dead eyes and something had to be done. The solution was to have the eyes completely removed and his lids sewn shut.

But Magic kept going after that. A determined beast: Priscilla taught him a number of voice commands so that he could continue to walk around. The horse also learned a kind-of limited echo location by snorting loudly when he feared that they were approaching something. Generally, it worked for things with shiny flat surfaces like old washing machines, but it was still something.

It was after Magic was stabled with an older horse called Mr. L that Priscilla decided to cast the pair of damaged but wonderful horses in a children’s book. In it, the horses talk about one another’s difficulties and life adventures.

The fame of the book has opened up new doors never thought possible. All the local schoolchildren are very keen to meet the famous pair of horses and there are plenty of sub-groups that draw inspiration and hope from it all. These include army war veterans and autistic children – both of whom have an almost spiritual connection with both horses, but particularly Magic; a horse who doesn’t give up.

With his scar and his lack of sight, flies getting rid of them have been a particular problem. It all got really bad about 4 years ago when there was a fly infestation at the farm but Priscilla found a great solution in organic pest control. Since then, she’s found that organic is the toughest as well as being the very best mosquito repellent.


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